Nanok Doctor and Counselor

Species Nanok
Position Doctor and Counselor
Rank Doctor
Current Fate 2
Refresh 2


Heritage Son of a dying race
Heritage Born in the void
Homeworld Nomad of the galaxy
Personal Strength The path to knowledge begins with intuition
Personal Weakness Gravity is a harsh mistress
Former Associations Former professor at the Academy of the Astrosciences
Desperate Situation Seeking a higher meaning
Job Heal with one hand, keep a ray-gun in the other
Shipmates “Sophia needs me”
Captain Better to ask forgiveness than permission


Great (+4) Academics, Medicine
Good (+3) Empathy, Systems
Fair (+2) Investigation, Guns, Resolve, Psychic
Average (+1) Alertness, Pilot, Survival, Endurance

Stress & Consequences

Stress ☐☐☐ ☐☐
Mild (-2)
Moderate (-4)
Severe (-6)

Stunts & Abilities

Telepathic Link

You can establish a strong mental connection with someone, enabling you to send and receive mental images. This allows for instantaneous communication over long distances. You can’t communicate words, but you can show what you see or send mental images of situations or objects to the other person. This is two way, and the other person can do the same even if he doesn’t have this stunt or even if he has no psychic powers of his own. The link works over thousands of miles. If the two people are on the same planet, or even in orbit around a planet, it works fine. This link isn’t powerful enough for interplanetary communication within a system, much less across space between two star systems.|

Disease/Venom Immunity

Nanok are immune to all poisons and diseases.

Doesn’t Breathe

Nanok metabolism is fully sealed and solid-state, and doesn’t require taking in or releasing gases.

Environmental Immunity

Nanok are immune to the effect of extreme environments, including the vacuum of space.


Nanok were always long-lived. Since their technological transformation, they are effectively ageless.


Nanok’s internal self-repair systems will eventually fully repair any injury that does not kill them. Their healing rate is about the same as that of a human, but they do not scar, and can re-grow lost body parts.

Ionic Thrust

By manipulating ionic fields around his skin, a Nanok may move in any direction, as if flying, but only in zero-gravity or very weak gravity. Nanok take no penalty to moving and acting in zero gravity.

Survivor Guilt

The Nanok are a dying race. Any particular Nanok has seen nearly his entire species eradicated. This has left the remaining Nanok in a state similar to chronic depression. The GM may compel this as an aspect for free once per session; resisting it costs 2 fate points.


The Nanok can see not only through their eyes, but by taking in broad-spectrum radiation through their entire surface, even through clothing or most armor. This allows them to see in what would be total darkness to many species, and through most obscuring conditions.

Radio Communication

The Nanok naturally communicate through radio waves produced by their skin, although they can speak in a human manner as well. They can communicate via radio as if they were equipped with short-range communicators.


Katik Matok 616 was born in one of the snowflake-like cities among the scattered asteroid clouds of the Nanos 4 system. Raised to be an astroscientist, he left the system to attend the Interstellar Academy of the Astrosciences, and excelled in his studies, eventually graduating and gaining a position as a junior professor. A chance meeting with an elder Nanok reminded him that, for all his accomplishments, he was doing little to nothing to save his species, and so he left his cushy life and struck off in search of a more meaningful life. After seven years of searching in the more civilized areas of known space, he has signed on with a Class-D freighter headed out into the untamed frontier. He’s not sure whether this is out of hope of finding something, or out of a death wish.

Matok stands a little over six feet tall, and is quite slender. His skin is a satiny silver-gray, and his eyes are a featureless reflective deep blue, without sclera, iris or pupil. His forehead is adorned with a rounded, hexagonal dark blue node that looks like a dark sapphire, and marks him as a member of the Nanok scholar caste. He has silver-white hair in a short, conservative style, and a short goatee of the same color. He typically wears a uniform-like set of clothes, with his disruptor pistol on his right hip, pouches of tools and such on his left hip, and a band containing his shield generator and personal computer on his left wrist.

Matok is friendly, but can come off as distant and aloof to new acquaintances. He has a dry sense of humor with a definite dark streak, and often accidentally offends people with blunt comments. He is very loyal to his companions, and has a soft sport for underdogs. He has no moral difficulty with killing, once he determines that someone’s death is for the greater good.

Matok has spent some time developing the psychic abilities common to the Nanok. However, he is essentially an amateur at that field, though he seeks greater enlightenment. His talents are primarily telepathic and intuitive.


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