Timuran Chooktak

Urseminite captain

Concept Bitter Urseminite War Veteran
Problem Writes checks the crew has to cash
Leadership Knows how to use his men

Timuran, or Cap’n Timmy, is a fairly typical example of his race: rude, crude, obnoxious, smelly and generally foul. He was maimed in the Candavar Uprising, losing a foot, an eye and his entire squad of Arsubaran conscripts. Even though it had been considered a suicide mission, and the objectives were achieved, the fact that he lost his men caused rumors to swirl about his ability to lead. Although the inquest ruled that he had done nothing wrong, he was retired from active service. Telling the Inspector General that he could “bite my fuzzy seed sack” probably didn’t help.

His peg leg gives him limited mobility, but his mind is sharp. He hired on at TransGalaxy first as a ship’s navigator, then as a captain. Despite constant complaints and harassment charges, at the end of the day Timuran’s runs always exceed profit margins, so TransGalaxy looks the other way and keeps him on. TransGalaxy looks at Timuran as a kind of “shipping boot camp”. If new recruits survive a tour with him, they can make good anywhere. Former shipmates have even created a special uniform patch, signifying a Timmy Tour.

Timuran Chooktak

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