Ryjyllian Security and Tactical Officer

Species Ryjyllian
Position Security & tactics
Current Fate 2
Refresh 2


Heritage Loyal to my clan (Mrrr)
Heritage Last to retreat from anything
Homeworld Only place I feel comfortable (Mow Mow )
Personal Strength Good looks
Personal Weakness Constant grooming
Former Associates Stubbornness got a lot of people killed once
Desperate Situation I owe the captain a lot, and I’m having a tough time paying it back
Job Ship security, tactical officer, gunner
Shipmates Everyone here is in my “remote clan”
Captain Bailed me out of trouble, I owe him a lot


Great (+4) Guns, Systems
Good (+3) Athletics, Survival
Fair (+2) Academics, Alertness, Stealth
Average (+1) Artillery, Contacting, Empathy, Endurance, Rapport, Pilot

Stress & Consequences

Stress ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐
Mild (-2)
Moderate (-4)
Severe (-6)

Stunts & Abilities

Acute hearing

Ryjyllians have extremely keen hearing. When making any perception related skill checks, Ryjyllians gain a +2 if hearing matters.

Claws and Fangs

A Ryjyllian is never unarmed. They have retractable claws in their fingers and sturdy and deadly fangs in their jaws. These natural weapons inflict Damage: 1 and use the Fists skill for their attack.

Low Light vision

Ryjyllian eyes are better than average at seeing in dark conditions. Ryjyllians have a +2 bonus against any penalties imposed by darkness aspects, except for aspects coming from the complete absence of light (such as Pitch Black).

Master Jammer

You know how to disrupt enemy sensors and jam weapon lock-on attempts. When an enemy attempts lock-on, you gain a +2 on your Systems roll to break the lock.

Shoot on the run

You’re light on your feet with a gun in your hand, able to keep the gunplay going while evading attempts to harm you. You may use Guns as a defense skill against physical attacks; normally, Guns can’t be used defensively.


  • Heavy ballistic pistol – 4 (2 vs armor), Accuracy 0, Range 2
  • Defense screen, +1 shields


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