Character Creation

Character creation is via the normal rules. Power level is set at Trouble, which gives 7 refresh, 25 skill points, and caps skills at Great (+4).

All of the alien races except Urseminite are available for use. You are welcome to make your own, but the level of detail has to at least match the races described in the book. See the Nanok for an example.

Urseminites are extremely rare, and since no one took one during initial character creation, we made the NPC captain one. If you really want to be one, you’ll need to grovel and give a good reason.

Keep in mind that the Templars (Devalkamanchans) are the omni-villain in this setting. Think of the Empire in Star Wars. They don’t actually govern in the Frontier Zone, but they have really big guns and a powerful need to have people see their way on things. Keep this in mind if selecting a Templar character.

Character Creation

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