Ji'in Casterland

Arsubarn Engineer

Species Arsubaran
Position Engineer
Current Fate 3
Refresh 3


Heritage There’s a familiar face
Heritage Some say they have friends in low places. I am that friend.
Homeworld One can always find a use for junk.
Personal Strength If there’s something you want, I can find it
Personal Weakness Never trust anyone to do something technical you can do yourself
Former Associations Partner in Crime
Desperate Situation A Casterland always pays his debts
Job Oh, that’s something new!
Shipmates We must protect the ship


Great (+4) Burglary, Engineering
Good (+3) Alertness, Stealth
Fair (+2) Guns, Systems
Good (+1) Contacting, Trading, Deceipt

Stress & Consequences

Stress ☐ ☐ ☐
Mild (-2)
Moderate (-4)
Severe (-6)

Stunts & Abilities

Criminal Mind
Lock Spoofing Maestro
Jury Rigger
Reroute the Systems

There’s a Familiar Face

Arsubarans are everywhere. Even on a strange planet or station, an Arsubaran can almost always find another member of her species. When using the Contacting skill, an Arsubaran can make a free declaration that the individual she finds is also an Arsubaran, no matter where in the galaxy she is. Additionally, Arsubarans gain a +1 to social skill rolls when communicating with another Arsubaran.


Blaster Pistol
Engineers Toolbox

Lockpick set
Lock Spoofing Kit


Born in Squishy’s Scrap Yard Ji’in spend his childhood learning the art of valuable junk. All sorts of manner of individuals , mostly low lifes who couldn’t afford to buy new, would come in to repair or replace something. Ji’in got paid to sort thru the junk, negotiate with Squishy, and get the ship systems working again.

On one particular adventure he was hired to replace a manifold coil on a ship. He got the part together, but didn’t have time to install the part so send the part with a trusted friend. A few days later the pirates came back pissed. The coil broke down again and nearly left their ship stranded. Come to find out these weren’t just pirates, but Barracado Pirates. To pay for the inconvenience, he had to get a new part install it right this time and “work off” the interest. Thus he learned to never trust anyone to do something technical you can do yourself.

While working for several years with the pirates he became an… “indentured servant” in the engine room. There his jury rigging skills were highly valued as he was able to figure out and repair stuff he never even seen before. Even learning to do emergency management during combat. At this point he never thought he’d get away from the pirates. That was until a certain Arsubaran female showed up.

Kendra was in desperate need of some “specialty work” The Captain of the pirate band Kor’bar had some dealing with Kendra in the past and owed her a debt. Kor’bar cleared his debt by selling him off to Kendra.
Kendra was the daughter of a local crime lord who was just starting to get into the “project management” side of the business. She had performed a job or two but her “entry specialist” had grown old and was retiring. Kendra was not cruel and decided if the old man would train someone new, she’d consider him out of his contract. So began Ji’in’s education in the art of burglary.

Ji’in eventually paid off his “debt” to Kendra, and Ji’in became a voluntary member of Kendra’s crew. They began doing multiple jobs with her team while the tension between Kendra and Ji’in became high and they finally decided to see each other more intimately. Just after this next job.

The job that changed everything. It was a simple heist, sneak in, steal the “Diamond of Shimara” and get out. Everything was going to plan, except for one thing. Ji’in never liked the plan. The plan involved him disabling the entry doors, and Loruk Stafinok disabling the trip sensors. Loruk was supposedly this master thief who was called in because Ji’in didn’t have the experience. Well Ji’in did his job……..So next thing you know not only is the law attempting to find us because one of the crew got pinched. Fortunately the one caught wasn’t the brightest and couldn’t describe someone if his life depended on it. However this didn’t leave Kendra’s father too happy. And nobody likes it when Kendra Fallon’s father is not happy. Needless to say, Boss Fallon gave a simple request. Pay back what finances you required for your end of the job. A simple request that several of the 6 man team refused to follow. This was when Ji’in realized it is best to always pay your debts. However Boss Fallon forbid Kendra from using Ji’in for any more work til the heat cooled down. Fallon however was still demanding payment.

Ji’in, having a conversation with Boss Fallon, agreed to go work for PgCs. There he would be keep in contact with the syndicate thru Kendra to provide transport when his stops were convenient, and to “do certain jobs” to pay off his debt.

Come to find out, the Captain was okay with the extra curricular activities, especially since they didn’t involve him and he’d still get a full cut. “The price of transport” Sometimes its tiring to see his shipmates enjoy the rewards of a job, while his portion goes back to the syndicate. But its a small price to pay to keep his head, and to keep in contact with Kendra.

A ship… A living ship. Who knew? Fortunately Ji’in spent his life figuring out how to repair stuff he had no clue whose function it was. He just knew when things were flowing properly. And even what part it went to to get that part flowing properly. He just never knew what it did until it was done and even then someone else had to mess with it to truly understand.

He gets around rather well with Matok the … the… weird guy. For all his “cold” behavior, he seems to talk to the ship and taking care of the ship has become a priority to him. Which is good because not all pieces of the ship can be fixed by pure engineering know how. Not on this ship. Now if I can just figure out what he’s talking about when he says “Fix the tri point dimensional fission device so we can start gating”

Its only been a few months and a recent addition of Catwoman came aboard. Who knows what this tour of they journey will be. At least its a few much shorter than hers……. What do you mean they lsot the paperwork???

Ji'in Casterland

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