Mordechai Jinx

Ken Reeg Pilot and First Mate

Species Ken Reeg
Position Pilot
Current Fate 8
Refresh 8


Heritage Commerce never sleeps
Heritage Voracious greed
Homeworld Heir to a large Ken Reeg merchant clan
Personal Strength Always squeeze the last drop out of a deal
Personal Weakness Helplessly addicted to gambling
Former Associations Barracado Pirates
Desperate Situation Bulldogs are more reputable than pirates
Job Pilot and First Mate
Shipmates Means to my end
Captain Professional courtesy


Great (+4) Pilot, Psychic
Good (+3) Gambling, Slight-of-Hand
Fair (+2) Deceit, Rapport, Trading
Average (+1) Alertness, Artillery, Resolve, Systems, Weapons

Stress & Consequences

Stress ☐ ☐ ☐
Mild (-2)
Moderate (-4)
Severe (-6)

Stunts & Abilities

Never Sleep

Ken Reeg have no need for sleep. They still grow fatigued from physical activity and need to rest, but they never actually fall asleep. A Ken Reeg can be considered alert at all times. Additionally, any task that would normally take a few days or longer gets reduced one step on the time scale if the Ken Reeg decides to devote himself to it full time.


The Ken Reeg are notoriously grasping and are always willing to make a deal. The GM can compel this attribute as if it were an aspect once per session. If the player wishes to avoid this compel, she must spend two fate points to refuse.


Mordechai Jinx

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